My not so baby boy.

My son is two and a half years old. I split custody with his father. He stays a week with me and a week with him.

A week doesn’t seem like that long, but for a little one who is growing and developing so much, a lot can happen in one week.

I cannot tell you exactly when, but one day he left my house a baby and came back a moody preteen stuck in a toddlers body.

He used to enjoy snuggling and watching movies and being held.

Now he enjoys binge watching his favorite t.v. shows (Paw Patrol), helping himself to whatever he can reach in the refrigerator 24/7, and being a stinky boy.

He eats NONSTOP (a bottomless pit just like his mommy).

My son does not just help himself to the food, he makes it so nobody can enjoy it! I’m not sure if it’s innocence or just him being ornery. He tries to take a bite out of every wrapped cheese slice in the refrigerator. He knows it is wrapped, yet he still tries.

He also enjoys taking entire stacks of lunch meat out of the pack and eating them like sandwiches.


He may be a bottomless pit who binge watches t.v. and doesn’t want mommies snuggles anymore, but he will ALWAYS be my baby boy.