My Toddler Meets His Baby Sister.

When I found out I was pregnant with baby number two, my son G was just over a year old.

I was so afraid the he would hate the new baby. As we got closer I started talking about baby sister as much as I could. I started reading articles about introducing toddlers to new babies.

He was little but he did understand sissy was in mommies tummy and the crib in mommies room was for sissy. That was the extent of his understanding.

After reading lots of articles and worrying for many nights, it was almost time to have baby A.

I had a c section with G, so I had to schedule one for baby A. It did make things easier along the lines of planning and taking off work.

So the night before she was born, my mother took G for a sleepover at Memas house. We went in early for my csection and she was here in no time.

We had a few hours to spend with her alone, some time to adjust and some time for me to move around a bit. Mom brought G up to meet her that day. A’s father was holding her and I was just laying in bed, I didn’t want him to feel like I was replacing him.

He came in and sat down on the hospital bed with me and we asked him if he wanted to see sissy. He smiled really big and they handed A to me. After he adjusted to seeing her we let him try and hold her, the boppy pillow came in very handy for this.

He could not stop smiling! He loved her so much already. He was stroking her head and her hair.

When we tried to take her away, he got very upset because he wanted to hold her.

When she came home he would go get the boppy and sit down and point when he wanted to hold her.

Even now that he is in his terrible two’s, he still loves seeing her and playing with her. He is gentle with her.

I hope they don’t grow out of it! I just want them to stay this way forever.

Picture quality is not that great, sorry.