New Years Diet 2018

With summer coming up it seems like everyone has getting fit on the brain. Everyone is trying to get swimsuit ready.

Megan is doing a diet called the 21 day fix and she seems to enjoy is and is seeing results.(maybe we can get her to write an article about it so we can see how it works)  Our boss is doing some sort of cleanse and not only is seeing results but also seems happier.

I think that all diets do work, but not for everyone. You have to find the right one to see results.

I will admit that I am the first to ask Megan to start a diet or workout challenge and i’m also the first to blow it.


Two days before New Years, we were feeling super fat and icky. I get the bright idea that we will start a diet. We decide Keto.

Honestly, neither of us know much about Keto and we were still broke from the holidays, so we couldn’t properly stock our houses with low or no carb options.

We both work at a Sub shop and the bread and cookies smell so good.

I start my diet immediately , Megan had already meal planned for the next few days so she waited and started on January 1st.

It went pretty well at first, but I need to stop right here and explain my LOVE for garlic bread.

I could seriously eat garlic bread for all three meals and snacks in between. I worked at a bbq place when I was a teenager and one of their sides were garlic bread. I would eat it at work, at home, it is so yummy.

My significant other made dinner. We were still broke, so pasta and garlic bread is what he decided. I told myself I would just have a little bit and one piece of garlic bread.

The next day I tried so hard not to tell Megan. I just couldn’t lie to her.

Brooke: “Megan, I can’t keep it to myself any longer. I’m so sorry!! ”

Megan: Look of suspicion on her face.

Brooke: “I cheated last night! I am so sorry! I just couldn’t help myself!”

Megan: “How many times Brooke?”

She is red faced and furious. She was just bragging about how she had turned down pasta dinner the night before.


Brooke: “Six… Six times. I tried only having one but it wasn’t enough. I had six, and it was so yummy.”

That was the first time I blew my diet. It happened three more times (about every 3 days) before i finally gave it up.

Anytime I get the idea to go on a crazy diet that takes a lot of self control. Megan is the first to remind me of this exact moment.